Accounts Management System

Make Your Accounts Management System Easy

In the rapidly evolving landscape of educational institutions, efficient management of financial matters is a cornerstone for success. Pakistan schools, colleges, and universities are no exception, facing the complex task of handling various financial aspects.

This is where the “accounts module” in the Deskbook App comes to the rescue, acting as a reliable and all-inclusive solution for managing various financial activities. We have created an accounts module in Deskbook App, that focuses on its pivotal role in handling HRM payroll, HRM loans, fee collections, income and expenses, vouchers, banks, and more.

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Accounts Management System

Deskbook App is one of the top accounting software for schools in Pakistan that plays a pivotal role in enhancing financial control and transparency within educational institutions. The accounts module offers a smart approach to managing HRM and payroll, HRM loans, fee collections, income and expenses, vouchers, and bank transactions.

Integrating features such as biometric attendance and payroll management systems, online fee record management, and expense and income tracking empowers institutions to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Deskbook App – Accounting Software for Your Campus

 Gone are the days of manual bookkeeping and spreadsheet struggles. Modern educational institutions require sophisticated tools to manage their financial operations efficiently.

Deskbook App acts as efficient accounting software for schools in Pakistan. It serves as a primary solution, encompassing a versatile accounts module that caters to a wide array of financial requirements. This module is the heart of the financial ecosystem, seamlessly integrating various functions to ensure smooth financial operations.

Streamlined HRM Payroll Management

One of the key features of the Deskbook App is its integration with a biometric attendance and payroll management system. This innovation has revolutionized the way educational institutions manage their human resources.

Integrating biometric attendance, the system accurately records employee working hours, leading to precise payroll calculations. This saves time and eliminates discrepancies, ensuring that teachers and staff are remunerated fairly and promptly.

Efficient HRM Loans and Online Fee Record

 Educational institutions often offer loan facilities to their employees, and managing these loans can be quite complex. The accounts module simplifies this process by providing a dedicated feature for loaning in HRM.

This allows administrators to effortlessly manage loan disbursements, track repayment schedules, and maintain a transparent record of outstanding loans. Furthermore, the system’s integration with online fee record management ensures that students’ fee payments are accurately recorded and easily accessible.

Holistic Expense and Income Management

Financial transparency and accountability are crucial for educational institutions. The accounting software’s expense and income manager software feature offers an effective solution to keep track of all financial transactions. This module provides a comprehensive view of the institution’s financial health, from recording various expenses, such as infrastructure maintenance and classroom supplies, to documenting income from tuition fees and other sources.

Simplified Voucher and Bank Management

The accounts module simplifies the process of generating student fee vouchers. This feature allows the institution to digitally create and distribute free vouchers, reducing paperwork and manual effort. Additionally, the system’s integration with banks streamlines financial transactions. Administrators can easily reconcile bank statements, verify transactions, and ensure accurate financial reporting.


Q: Can it handle HRM loans and fee records?

Deskbook App manages HRM loans and maintains online fee records, making loan management and fee collection more efficient.

Q: How does it simplify expense and income tracking?

Deskbook App eases expense and income management, recording all transactions for transparent financial tracking.

Q: What’s the voucher management feature?

The voucher feature digitally generates and tracks student fee vouchers, reducing paperwork and simplifying the process.

Q: Is it customizable for different institutions?

Yes, Deskbook App is adaptable to the financial needs of Pakistan’s schools, colleges, and universities.

Q: What are the long-term benefits?

Deskbook App offers lasting advantages such as enhanced accuracy, reduced manual work, transparency, and improved decision-making.

Q: Is training provided?

Yes, we offer training sessions and resources to ensure efficient software usage.