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In this modern era, managing a school efficiently has become increasingly challenging. That is why, effective school management solutions play a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and fostering student success. One such innovative solution is Deskbook, a one-stop platform designed to revolutionize the way educational institutions manage their administrative tasks.

Deskbook, is a user-friendly school management solution that aims to streamline operations by providing multiple portals and enhancing communication channels. With its powerful SMS Alert feature, Deskbook revolutionizes the way schools handle student performance reporting, making it easier than ever to track, evaluate, and analyze academic progress.

SMS Alerts

Key features

Bridge the Gap with SMS Alerts

With Deskbook’s SMS Alert feature, educational institutions can bridge the communication gap between teachers, parents, and students. By leveraging the ubiquity of mobile phones, timely updates and notifications can be sent directly to the concerned parties. Whether it’s notifying parents about important announcements, reminding students of upcoming deadlines, or informing teachers about urgent matters, SMS Alerts ensure that everyone stays informed, engaged, and connected.

Student Performance Reports

Deskbook’s SMS Alert feature enables schools to effortlessly share student performance reports with parents. These reports provide a holistic overview of a student’s academic progress, highlighting strengths, areas for improvement, and overall achievements. Student performance reports emphasize the importance of this feature in promoting academic growth and enabling effective communication between educators and parents.

Grading and Reporting Student Performance Made Easy

Deskbook’s grade tracking and analysis capabilities empower educators and parents to monitor student performance closely. Deskbook simplifies the process of tracking student progress, identifying trends, and generating actionable insights. This feature enables teachers to make informed decisions and devise effective strategies to support each student’s unique learning journey.

Student Performance Evaluation Report

The Student Performance Evaluation Report, a key component of Deskbook, provides educators with detailed insights into individual student performance. By analyzing comprehensive data on student achievements, teachers can identify learning gaps, implement targeted interventions, and create personalized learning experiences. The report also enables educators to track student progress over time, fostering a growth-oriented approach to education.

Student Attendance Report

Maintaining regular attendance is crucial for student success. Deskbook’s SMS Alert feature allows parents to receive automated student attendance reports. Deskbook facilitates prompt communication regarding attendance-related matters, promoting accountability and fostering a positive school culture.

Enabling Grade Tracking and Analysis

Accurate grade tracking and analysis are essential for educators to gain insights into student progress and identify areas that require additional attention. Deskbook’s SMS Alert takes this process to the next level by providing teachers with real-time updates on grades and student performance reports. Educators can leverage this feature to proactively address any concerns, initiate interventions, and provide timely feedback. Furthermore, parents can actively participate in their child’s educational journey by closely monitoring their progress through the SMS Alert notifications. This collaborative approach fosters shared responsibility for student success, resulting in enhanced academic outcomes

Benefits of Deskbook’s SMS Alert Feature

Enhanced Parent Involvement

By keeping parents informed about their child’s academic progress, Deskbook strengthens the home-school partnership, facilitating collaborative efforts to support student achievement.

Timely Interventions

With instant SMS alerts, educators can promptly address any issues or concerns related to student performance reports, fostering timely interventions to ensure academic success.

Improved Attendance

The SMS Alert feature encourages regular attendance by keeping parents in the loop, reducing absenteeism, and promoting student engagement.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Deskbook’s comprehensive reports provide educators with valuable data insights, enabling evidence-based decision-making and facilitating personalized Deskbook SMS Alert eliminates the need for manual communication methods, reducing administrative workload and associated costs while ensuring efficient information flow.

Real-time communication

Deskbook’s SMS Alert feature ensures instant and seamless communication between schools, teachers, parents, and students, fostering a supportive and engaged learning community.

Personalized support

The SMS Alert feature allows parents to identify areas where their child may need additional support, enabling them to provide timely guidance and assistance.


Q: What is the “SMS Alert” module of the school management system?

A: The “SMS Alert” module is a feature in the school management system that enables sending text message notifications to parents, students, and staff members regarding important updates, events, deadlines, and other relevant information.

Q: How can I enable the “SMS Alert” module in my school management system?

A: You can let us know your requirement, and we will enable the “SMS Alert” module for you.

Q: What types of notifications can be sent through the “SMS Alert” module?

A: The “SMS Alert” module allows you to send various types of notifications, including:

Absence or tardiness alerts

Fee payment reminders

Emergency notifications

School closures or delays

General announcements and updates

Q: Can I customize the content of the SMS notifications?

A: Yes, you can customize the content of the SMS notifications according to your school’s requirements. The school management system usually provides templates that can be personalized with relevant information.