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One Stop Software Solution for All Educational Institutes

In the rapidly evolving world of education, staying organized and efficiently managing administrative tasks is crucial for schools. Deskbook, an ERP Software in Pakistan, offers a one-stop software solution that caters to the diverse needs of educational institutions.

With many features and functionalities, Deskbook simplifies various administrative processes, enhances communication, and empowers schools to focus on what truly matters – providing quality education.


Deskbook emerges as the ideal solution for schools seeking efficient online management software in Pakistan. With its many features, including multiple portals, mobile apps, personalized dashboards, biometric attendance, SMS alerts, online student registration, dedicated support, exams schedule, and notice board, Deskbook empowers schools to streamline their administrative processes, enhance communication, and deliver an exceptional educational experience. Embrace Deskbook, the ultimate one-stop solution, and revolutionize your school’s management today.

Deskbook – The Ultimate ERP Software in Pakistan

With Deskbook, schools in Pakistan can now leverage advanced technology to streamline their operations and enhance productivity. This all-in-one online management software provides a holistic approach to school management, offering features specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by educational institutions in the region.

Features That Make Deskbook Stand Out

Multiple Portals:

Deskbook offers separate portals for administrators, teachers, students, and parents. This segregation ensures smooth communication and efficient information flow, allowing each stakeholder to access relevant information and perform necessary tasks seamlessly.

Teacher and Student Mobile App:

Deskbook understands the importance of mobility in today’s digital era. The system provides dedicated mobile applications for teachers and students, enabling them to easily access important information, submit assignments, and communicate anytime, anywhere.

Personalized Dashboard:

The personalized dashboard offers an overview of essential information, including attendance records, exam schedules, upcoming events, and more. Users can easily navigate and access relevant data, saving time and reducing administrative burden.

Biometric Attendance:

Deskbook is a one-stop software solution that integrates biometric attendance systems, eliminating manual attendance tracking. This feature ensures accuracy, eliminates the possibility of proxy attendance, and simplifies the process for staff and students.

SMS Alerts:

The SMS alert feature enables instant communication with parents, teachers, and students. Important updates, event reminders, fee notifications, and other announcements can be sent directly to their mobile phones, ensuring timely information dissemination.

School Online Registration:

Deskbook simplifies the student registration process by providing an online registration system for schools. This feature enables parents to register their children conveniently, reducing paperwork and eliminating the need for physical visits to the school.

Dedicated Support Team:

Deskbook is such an all in all and one-stop software solution that we have assembled a team of dedicated support team for it that works around the clock. A dedicated support team is available to assist schools in implementing and troubleshooting the system, ensuring a smooth experience and minimal disruption.

Exams Schedule:

The system’s exam schedule module enables schools to create and manage exam timetables efficiently. It streamlines the process, allowing administrators to allocate exam slots, assign invigilators, and provide students with personalized schedules.

Notice Board:

Deskbook’s interactive notice board informs all stakeholders about important announcements, upcoming events, and school-related news. This centralized platform ensures that crucial information is readily available to everyone.

Admissions Management:

Deskbook offers a comprehensive admissions management module, allowing schools to streamline admissions. It includes features such as student information and school online registration.

Timetable Management:

This one-stop software solution simplifies timetable creation and management, enabling administrators to allocate classes, subjects, and teachers efficiently. Deskbook ensures optimal utilization of resources while minimizing scheduling conflicts. It’s a user-friendly and handy software for school administration.

Student Information System:

This software for schools provides a centralized database for student information, including personal details, academic records, attendance, and disciplinary history. This feature allows administrators to access and manage student data easily, ensuring accuracy and integrity.

Fee Management:

Efficient fee management is crucial for schools, and this software for school accounting

simplifies this process. This software for school administration enables administrators to generate fee invoices, track payments, manage fee installments, and send automated reminders to parents.

Financial Management:

Deskbook offers comprehensive financial management tools, allowing schools to handle budgeting, expense tracking, revenue management, and financial reporting. This feature sounds like financial decision-making and ensures transparency, making it software for school accounting.

Payroll Management:

The system automates the payroll process, simplifying salary calculations, deductions, tax calculations, and generating payslips. This one-stop software solution ensures accurate and timely payment to staff members, saving time and reducing errors.


Q: What are the primary features of Deskbook?

A: Deskbook offers multiple portals, personalized dashboards, biometric attendance, SMS alerts, online student registration, dedicated support, exams schedule, notice board, admissions and timetable management, fee and library management, financial and payroll management, accounts receivable and payable, budgeting and forecasting, and financial reporting.

Q: Can Deskbook handle online student registration?

A: Yes, Deskbook includes an online registration system, allowing convenient registration for students, eliminating paperwork and queues. Administrators efficiently manage the process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Q: Is a Deskbook suitable for schools in Pakistan?

A: Yes, Deskbook is designed specifically for schools in Pakistan, addressing their unique needs and offering relevant features.

Q: Can Deskbook handle accounting tasks for schools?

A: Yes, Deskbook is a powerful ERP software for school accounting, offering financial management, payroll, accounts, budgeting, and reporting features.

Q: Does Deskbook provide support and assistance?

A: Yes, Deskbook provides dedicated support, helping with setup, troubleshooting, and any queries or concerns during software usage.

Q: Is Deskbook a cloud-based solution?

A: Yes Deskbook is a cloud-based solution, providing easy access from any device with an internet connection, enabling secure access to the system and data from various locations.

Q: How can our school get started with Deskbook?

A: Contact our sales team or visit our website to request a demo or more information, and our team will guide you through the implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition to Deskbook.